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XL-22 Passport Photo Cutter

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Item Description

Manufactured by Identification Products Mfg. Co. Our photo die-cutters trim Polaroid Passport photos precisely to match the size and shape of the die cut window. Photos are cut to a 2" x 2", meeting the requirement set forth by the U.S. Passport Agency. Corners are square; edges are clean and smooth. The photo die-cutter provides a professional appearance to your passport photos. Photos fit directly into the die cut slit in our PFG-170 Passport Folders used to protect the photos. Other sizes & Digital Passport System Photo Cutters are available.

Item Specification

  • Custom aligned for Fujifilm & Polaroid Instant Films.
  • Custom aligned for Polaroid Digital Miniportrait C3000 Media.
  • Boasts a rugged design that delivers easy operation.
  • Heavy-duty steel die cutter ensures a lifetime of usage.

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POLAROID announces exit from Instant Film

In February 2008, the Polaroid Corporation announced that it will no longer be manufacturing instant film products.

If you currently use Polaroid instant film, this does not mean your film based camera will no longer be useful. We will continue to supply Fujifilm's instant film at competitive prices, your cost per print will remain low and you can continue profiting from passport photos!
Fujifilm FP-100C is a "peel-apart-type" instant color daylight