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About Leading Manufacturer of Roll Laminators

KLAI-Co Identification Products, Inc. is proud to say that we are a US based manufacturer.

KLA-Co Identification Products, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Mark Klainos, it current CEO and President, after acquiring Westec, Inc. Westec was a manufacturer of film based photo identification cameras that used Polaroid and Fuji instant films. KLAI-Co's core focus initially was on manufacturing cameras but quickly shifted into other targeted product sectors as instant film based systems became obsolete as technology evolved and customers moved to digital/computer based ID systems. KLAI-Co specialized in manufacturing, integrating, and distributing through a focused dealer network, an instant cameras line that included passport cameras, identification cameras, photo cutters, and industrial pouch laminators used for sealing ID cards. As a result of our continuous desire to meet customers' wants and needs, we were asked to expand our product offerings to include digital passport systems, pouch laminators, roll laminators, pouch lamination, roll lamination, binding machines, binding supplies, paper trimmers, cover stock materials, and other document finishing related products. In the process, we also developed a strong network of OEM partners around the globe that has helped innovate and develop products that fit our customers' ever-changing requirements.

How did KLAI-Co become a manufacturer of Roll Laminators? Long story short, in 2013, after the passing of Roy Cook, former product designer and owner of Banner America and Laminating Specialties, Inc., KLAI-Co began manufacturing "LSI" roll laminators. These laminators are based on Roy's legacy design focusing primarily on 27" and 40" roll laminators used specifically to meet the volume needs of schools, offices, government agencies, and on-demand copy & print centers. In late 2014, we embarked on a complete redesign of the laminator line that incorporated major updates to Roy's mechanical design with state of the art electronic controls. We are proud to say we now offer of a full line of feature rich roll laminators that are user friendly, mount foam boards/thicker material without using a roller nip control (operator handle to open and close rollers), and all of our 27" machines ship by common carrier (FedEx or UPS) instead of by LTL (Truck). In late 2015, in partnership with ArtGraphix/Stover Graphics, we launched 27" and 40" versions of a new mounting laminator under their SmoothMount brand name.

A special thanks goes out to Michael Klainos, a native of Greece, who founded Identification Products Mfg. Co. in 1974. Michael, father to Mark and an electrical and mechanical engineering by education, provided the foundation and guidance needed for Mark and KLAI-Co Identification Products, Inc. to continue the family tradition of being industry leaders and innovators.


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POLAROID announces exit from Instant Film

In February 2008, the Polaroid Corporation announced that it will no longer be manufacturing instant film products.

If you currently use Polaroid instant film, this does not mean your film based camera will no longer be useful. We will continue to supply Fujifilm's instant film at competitive prices, your cost per print will remain low and you can continue profiting from passport photos!
Fujifilm FP-100C is a "peel-apart-type" instant color daylight